List Of Robert Pattinson Movies

Robert Pattinson is a talented and versatile actor who has made a name for himself in Hollywood with his impressive performances in a variety of films. From his breakout role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series to more recent critically acclaimed films like The Lighthouse and Good Time, Pattinson has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In this article, we will take a look at a list of Robert Pattinson movies and explore whether they are based on a true story or not. We will also delve into some interesting facts about the actor and his career, as well as answer common questions about his work.

List of Robert Pattinson Movies:

1. Twilight (2008) – Based on the novel of the same name by Stephenie Meyer, Twilight follows the love story between a human girl, Bella Swan, and a vampire, Edward Cullen. While the story itself is fictional, Pattinson’s portrayal of Edward won over fans worldwide.

2. Remember Me (2010) – This romantic drama follows the story of two individuals who find solace in each other after experiencing personal tragedies. While the characters and events in the film are fictional, the emotional depth of the story resonated with many viewers.

3. Water for Elephants (2011) – Based on the novel by Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants tells the tale of a young man who joins a circus during the Great Depression and falls in love with the star performer. While the story is fictional, it is inspired by the author’s research into circus life during that time period.

4. Cosmopolis (2012) – In this drama film, Pattinson plays a wealthy young man who embarks on a journey across Manhattan in a stretch limousine. The film is based on the novel by Don DeLillo, but the events in the story are fictional.

5. The Rover (2014) – Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Rover follows a man who is on a mission to retrieve his stolen car with the help of a wounded stranger. While the film is not based on a true story, it explores themes of survival and redemption in a harsh environment.

6. Good Time (2017) – In this gritty crime thriller, Pattinson plays a bank robber who must navigate the criminal underworld to free his brother from prison. While the characters and events in the film are fictional, the tense and suspenseful atmosphere keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

7. High Life (2018) – This science fiction film follows a group of criminals who are sent on a mission to explore a black hole in space. The story is not based on a true story, but it delves into themes of isolation and morality in a futuristic setting.

8. The Lighthouse (2019) – In this psychological horror film, Pattinson plays a young man who becomes the assistant to a lighthouse keeper on a remote island. As the two men are isolated from the outside world, tensions rise and dark secrets are revealed. While the events in the film are fictional, the eerie atmosphere and intense performances captivated audiences.

Interesting Facts About Robert Pattinson:

1. Before becoming an actor, Pattinson aspired to be a musician and even played guitar and piano in a band. He has contributed songs to the soundtracks of some of his films.

2. Pattinson is known for his method acting approach, where he immerses himself fully into his characters. He often undergoes physical transformations for his roles, such as losing weight or changing his appearance.

3. Despite his success in the Twilight series, Pattinson has actively sought out challenging and unconventional roles in independent films to showcase his range as an actor.

4. Pattinson has received critical acclaim for his performances in films like Good Time and The Lighthouse, earning him nominations and awards from prestigious film festivals.

5. In addition to his work in film, Pattinson has also dabbled in modeling and has appeared in campaigns for major fashion brands.

6. Pattinson is known for his intense work ethic and dedication to his craft, often spending hours preparing for his roles and collaborating closely with directors and co-stars.

7. Pattinson has a strong fan following from his Twilight days, but he has also earned the respect of critics and industry professionals for his nuanced performances in independent films.

8. Despite his fame, Pattinson remains humble and down-to-earth, often shying away from the spotlight and preferring to focus on his work as an actor.

Common Questions About Robert Pattinson:

1. Is Robert Pattinson married?

– No, Pattinson is not married, but he is currently in a relationship with actress Suki Waterhouse.

2. What is Robert Pattinson’s net worth?

– According to Celebrity Net Worth, Pattinson’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million.

3. How did Robert Pattinson get his start in acting?

– Pattinson began acting in local theater productions in London before landing small roles in film and television.

4. Does Robert Pattinson have any upcoming projects?

– Pattinson is set to star as the titular character in the upcoming film The Batman, which is scheduled for release in 2022.

5. Has Robert Pattinson won any awards for his acting?

– Yes, Pattinson has won several awards for his performances, including a Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Actor for his role in Good Time.

6. What is Robert Pattinson’s favorite film that he has starred in?

– Pattinson has stated in interviews that he has a special fondness for his work in the film The Lighthouse.

7. Does Robert Pattinson have any siblings?

– Pattinson has two older sisters named Lizzy and Victoria.

8. How does Robert Pattinson prepare for his roles?

– Pattinson is known for his intense preparation process, which often involves extensive research and discussions with directors and co-stars.

9. What is Robert Pattinson’s favorite genre of film to work in?

– Pattinson has expressed an interest in exploring a variety of genres, but he has a particular affinity for independent and character-driven films.

10. Is Robert Pattinson involved in any charitable causes?

– Pattinson has been a supporter of various charitable organizations, including the GO Campaign and amfAR.

11. How does Robert Pattinson feel about his Twilight legacy?

– Pattinson has been appreciative of the opportunities that the Twilight series provided him, but he is also eager to move on to new and challenging roles.

12. Does Robert Pattinson have any hidden talents?

– In addition to acting and music, Pattinson is also skilled in languages and can speak French fluently.

13. What is Robert Pattinson’s favorite aspect of working in the film industry?

– Pattinson has expressed a love for the collaborative nature of filmmaking and the opportunity to work with talented directors and actors.

14. Does Robert Pattinson have any phobias?

– Pattinson has mentioned in interviews that he has a fear of clowns, which stems from childhood experiences.

15. How does Robert Pattinson handle fame and media attention?

– Pattinson has been known to be private and reserved when it comes to his personal life, preferring to let his work speak for itself.

16. What advice would Robert Pattinson give to aspiring actors?

– Pattinson has encouraged aspiring actors to stay true to themselves and to be open to taking risks and exploring different types of roles.

In conclusion, Robert Pattinson has established himself as a talented and versatile actor with a diverse range of performances in his filmography. From his early days in the Twilight series to his more recent work in independent films, Pattinson continues to impress audiences and critics alike with his dedication to his craft. As he continues to take on challenging roles and push the boundaries of his artistry, it is clear that Pattinson is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.


1. “Robert Pattinson’s commitment to his roles is truly inspiring. He brings a depth and intensity to his characters that is unmatched in the industry.” – Film Director

2. “As a fellow actor, I have immense respect for Robert Pattinson’s versatility and range. He is constantly pushing himself to new heights in his performances.” – Actress

3. “Robert Pattinson’s charisma and screen presence are undeniable. He has a magnetic quality that draws audiences in and keeps them captivated.” – Film Critic

4. “Working with Robert Pattinson on set was a truly enriching experience. His dedication to his craft and his collaborative spirit make him a joy to work with.” – Cinematographer

In conclusion, Robert Pattinson’s filmography is a testament to his talent and dedication as an actor. From his early success in the Twilight series to his more recent critically acclaimed performances, Pattinson continues to impress audiences and critics alike with his versatility and range. As he continues to challenge himself with diverse and challenging roles, it is clear that Pattinson is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With his upcoming projects and future endeavors, it will be exciting to see where his career takes him next.

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